Our Services

Our laboratory offers a variety of water tests to ensure your residential or industrial water is safe and free of harmful contaminants.

Water Potability Test

Price: $55.00
Monitoring sustainable water is a proactive measure in maintaining the landscape of water resource management including; reducing contamination risks and improving water quality.

A water potability test will reveal any present Coliforms and E.coli bacteria.

Most often requested by homeowners for financial/mortgage purposes & peace of mind for residences, cottages, camps, etc.

Micro Biological Potability Test

Price: $90.00
Precision colony count method for total Coliforms and E.coli bacteria.

Most often requested by commercial institutions including; day cares, salons, restaurants, other food preparing & public organizations.

Trace Metals Test

Price: $200.00
Specializing in superior quality trace metals analytical services, DCS Controls Lab Services focuses on metals speciation, trace level detection limits, and the analysis of complex matrices.

Our lab has extensive capabilities to analyze low-level trace metals in even the most complex matrices.

Trace Metals tests water samples for 31 specific trace metals. Results are measured in μg/L. Provides the highest accuracy & precision of dissolved metals.

General Chemistry Analysis

Price: $200.00
Water chemistry analyses are carried out to identify and quantify the chemical components and properties of a certain water sample. This includes pH, major cations and anions, trace elements and isotopes. Water chemistry analysis is used extensively to determine the possible uses a water may have or to study the interaction it has with its environment. Water chemistry analysis is often the groundwork of studies of water quality, pollution, hydrology and geothermal waters. Tests water sample for 19 measured and 11 calculated parameters. Results are measured in mg/L and provides the best overview of water quality.